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HUSD is committed to continuous improvement in order to meet the needs of our students, their families and the world they will enter after high school. Our instructional approach includes a focus on communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity through inquiry-based projects and student-centered instruction.  HUSD students use technology daily through our 1:1 Chromebook Program and robust use of online learning tools. Students and educators are encouraged to make connections with and to the community to develop leverage the cultural wealth of our diverse community and to engage in service learning.  Our educational programs provide ongoing opportunities for career exploration and development of career skills for success in both work and in life. We know that social-emotional learning (SEL) must come first and prioritize the mental and physical health of students and staff by incorporating a comprehensive approach to SEL.  
HUSD uses the current Content Standards and Frameworks approved by the CA Department of Education to ensure that all students progress in their ability to community, collaborate and think critically while addressing the traditional predictors of success (LCAP Goal 1).  Educators continue to engage in professional development as life-long learners so they can best serve our students.  
HUSD uses data from a variety of sources to inform our practice, seek improvements and to celebrate our success. We pay specific attention to the data and needs of our English Learners, Students with Disabilities, Homeless, Foster Youth and students who are economically disadvantaged.  HUS utilizes an equity lens to ensure each student gets what they need to grow as a learner.  Data sources in HUSD include: YouthTruthCalifornia Assessment of Student Performance and ProgressStar AssessmentEnglish Language Proficiency Assessments for CaliforniaCoVitality, Advanced Placement course taking and pass rates, rates of D and F grades, suspension and attendance data, graduation rates, etc.

Along with the programs above we are proud to share HUSD is committed to:

  • Fostering relationships so that all students and families are well supported, their voices are valued and our learning environments foster equity, empathy and engagement through listening, trust and respect (LCAP Goal 3). 
  • Promoting bilingualism for all students 
  • Providing robust counseling services, beyond what is typical is CA public schools
  • Providing differentiated services, programs and instructional practices that serve the needs of all students through the use of Universal Design for Learning 
  • 7-period day at the high school and middle school allowing for increased student choices and intervention and teacher collaboration time 
  • Improving our Alternative Education program at Marce Becerra Academy in partnership with Big Picture Learning
  • Partnership with our families and community organizations such as Corazon Healdsburg and Alliance Medical Center to increase two-way communication, support and outreach 


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