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About the Board of Education

School district governance is the act of transforming the needs, wishes and desires of the community into policies that direct the community’s schools.
There are four dimensions to the effective governance of any organization. Effective governance tenets encompass the basic characteristics and behaviors that enable governance team members to effectively create a climate for excellence in a school district and maintain the focus on improved student learning and achievement. The governance responsibilities of Healdsburg Unified School District are organized into these four elements.

They are:

  1. Governing as a unified team with a common vision (unity of purpose)
  2. Governing within the role of the trustee
  3. Creating and sustaining a positive governance culture
  4. Protocols and Procedures to Facilitate Governance Leadership


Aracely Romo-Flores, President
[email protected]
Guadalupe Lopez Jimenez, Vice President/Clerk
[email protected]
Cristal Lopez Pardo, Trustee
[email protected]
Rose McAllister, Trustee
[email protected]
Mike Potmesil, Trustee
[email protected]