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2021-2022 Board Agendas and Minutes

Following all health and safety protocols, HUSD has returned to in-person board meetings for the 2021-2022 school year. We continue to monitor the guidance from State and Local agencies and will make adjustments according. If necessary HUSD will enact Assembly Bill 361.


10-20-2021 Regular Board Meeting

09-15-2021 Regular Board Meeting

08-24-2021 Special Board Meeting

08-18-2021 Regular Board Meeting

08-10-2021 Special Board Meeting

07-19-2021 Special Board Meeting


10-20-2021 Board Packet

09-15-2021 Board Packet

08-24-2021 Special Board Packet

08-18-2021 Board Packet

08-10-2021 Special Board Packet

07-19-2021 Special Board Packet


09-15-2021 Special Board Mtg

08-24-2021 Special Board Mtg

08-18-2021 Regular Board Mtg

08-10-2021 Special Board Mtg

07-19-2021 Special Board Mtg