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Who We Are

Welcome to the Healdsburg Unified School District – Small enough to know our students, families and community members personally; connected to the wider world via technology. As we prepare our students for their futures as citizens of the 21st century, we remain committed to our small town "feel" and quality educational program.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Healdsburg Unified School District is that all HUSD students graduate from high school prepared for college, career and citizenship with the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

Our Vision
Our vision is for students to be contributing, responsible, and active participants in their community, demonstrating individual respect and responsibility.

In keeping with this vision:

  • Our District will implement new ideas, strategies, and technologies to provide a model academic program that others will emulate.
  • Our innovative educational program will propel our students into the second half of the 21st century.
  • Our schools will prepare our students to be leaders in the world they will enter.

Please see the District Innovation Design Plan

Local Control and Accountability Plan Information

Schools across California are preparing for a new funding model. The new model, known as Local Control Funding Formula, requires school districts and charter schools to identify activities related to increasing student achievement through eight priorities.

The eight priorities are:

  1. Teacher Credentialing/Instructional Materials/Facilities
  2. Implementation of Common Core State Standards and English Language Development Standards
  3. Parental Involvement and Input
  4. Student Achievement
  5. Student Engagement
  6. School Climate
  7. Course Access
  8. Other Student Outcomes: We have some latitude here to identify our own priorities. We have chosen…

A written plan is required to address all students, but these four groups receive extra attention:

  • English Learners: students whose first language is a language other than English
  • Reclassified Students: students who were English Learners and who are now proficient in English and working on grade level
  • Economically Disadvantaged Students: Students whose families are low income
  • Foster Youth

The plan is known as the Local Control and Accountability Plan or LCAP. The most recent version of our plan is available in the 'Parent Locker' area of our website (English or Spanish).

While this is a new process for us, it is the start of an ongoing one. Each year, the LCAP will be reviewed to be sure that we completed the activities, to determine that student achievement is indeed increasing, and to plan for the following year. The LCAP covers three years, but it expected to be updated, reviewed and approved on an annual basis.

The District has been working actively to address many of the same priorities through the Innovation Design process. A copy of our current plan is available on the District’s website. It describes our priorities and the action steps necessary to address them.

Charter schools are required to have their own LCAP. The LCAP for Healdsburg Charter School (HCS) is available here. The HCS LCAP in many ways mirrors the District’s LCAP. It is available in Spanish here.

The highlights of key activities from the draft of the Healdsburg Unified LCAP are:

  • Continue to develop a 21st century educational program including technology, project-based learning and the Common Core State Standards to increase student engagement through a real-world connection.
  • Expand the emphasis on preparing students for college and career readiness through a rigorous course of study, career-oriented classes and a push to get the English Learners to English proficiency
  • Foster an environment of active involvement of our parents and staff in a variety of settings such as Governing Councils, Innovation Design Teams, Professional Learning Communities and more.
  • Provide support for students through counseling (new K-8 counselor), social-emotional learning (Toolbox and other programs) and interventions for students who are not working at grade level.
  • Focus on the ‘whole student’ through fine-tuning the Physical Education program so that students develop lifelong patterns of wellness.
  • Continue to improve our facilities beginning with extensive modernization and new construction at Healdsburg Junior High School in June 2014.

Each activity is connected with specific measures that are designed to monitor our progress in each area. We will report on our results each year.

Note: The current versions of our two LCAP's were approved by the Healdsburg Unified School District Board of Trustees on 6/25/14.